Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Done! Almost. . .

Last night I finished my quilt!  Well I finished the quilt top.  Now I have to move on to batting, backing ,and binding.  That will be a process too-I'm sure.  I still haven't decided how to back it yet.

For the most part it all worked out really well.  It was my own special style of quilting.  As I worked along (and made mistakes) I kept thinking, "I bet a real quilter would go back and fix that."  But what can I say.  I'm a casual quilter, so I made a casual quilt top. 

I used every single piece of the fabric (24 fat quarters) and kept my informal pattern going up until the very end when I had to make a concession to finish it up.  But I think it looks fine, and I am sewing together the final bits of scraps to make an accent strip through the backing--I really hope there's enough for it.


Aleatha Shannon said...

it looks fantastic! i don't see any mistakes -probably because it is so colorful and isn't an exact sort of quilt pattern anyway. i LOVE it!

ellie said...

I feel cozy just looking at it!

Lisa said...

Absolutely beautiful! A real treasure for years to come!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a creation to make one feel creative! Great job, and congrats on the stick-to-it-tiveness to get it done! Nonny


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