Friday, October 28, 2011

The Internet Makes Me Look Smart

The amazing thing about the internet is that I can say something like: "For Oktoberfest in Germany they make these giant Lebcuchen hearts and hang them on strings for you to wear around your neck.  And they have sayings on them like conversation hearts."  --Then the internet allows me to, within a matter of seconds and a simple image search, prove it.

There is the truth, written in pixels. 

So then--because I'm right-- everyone has to go along with my plan of making 7,500 Lebkuckenhertzen for our very intimate gathering of an Oktoberfest this year. 

 The boys helped decorate their own.

 And I made everyone wear them.

 Yes you, Bratwurst man.

 And me.  Prost! 

(Side note:  This year we used a different kind of root beer extract for our homemade root beer.  The flavor was excellent, but it was almost colorless!  And my newest dream is to gather roots and herbs and make my own flavor of root beer. . .)

Yes, Oktoberfest this year was a success.  It was everything I dreamed it would be, because I had the internet backing me up! 

Until next time world wide web, until next time. 

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