Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PhD Fever

Jeremy has been really buckling down to work on his PhD.

Last week he was up in the architecture library asking Maxine, his favorite head librarian, for a favor,  There was this book that one of his advisers had recommended for him to took at.  But when he looked it up in the catalog it said the book was already checked out and not due to be returned until January. 

"Is there any way I can find out who has it?" He asked.  "Just to see if they are actively using it or if I might be able to take a look at it.  Or can we have it recalled or anything like that?" 

"Well, let's just take a look at who has it and then maybe you can go ask them about it." said Maxine.  She sat down next to a student employee on the computer and typed a few things in.  "What's the book called?" she asked.  More typing and clicking.  Then the student employee looked up at Jeremy and back down at the screen.  Maxine looked closely, then up at Jeremy. 

"According to the system-- you have the book checked out Jeremy.  You picked it up last week."

=crickets chirping=

At least no one can say he isn't working--it's apparently his organizational system that is failing, that's all.  Or his brain is giving out.  One or the other.  Lets just finish up this PhD thing quickly--just in case.  

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