Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Was It Halloween Out There?

It was Halloween here as well. According to Harry Potter, Robin Hood, and the Great Pumpkin.

All our costumes were simple and low-key this year, and I liked that!

Baby Wyatt was a pumpkin.  In fact the same pumpkin that Jonas was two years ago.  And the same pumpkin that Owen was five years ago.  It's fun--and I feel the need for a photo montage of the three pumpkins. . .

Jonas was Robin Hood.  I sewed up a green tunic and made his little hat.  My Jo-Ann's receipt sitting right here says I spent a whole $2.44 on his costume for the green fabric and two sheets of brown felt--not bad. 

I let him choose his feather out of a bag of multi-colored ones I had.  Owen thought it needed to be red-but Jonas loved it. 

Owen was Harry Potter.  (Here he is striking his best "spell-casting" pose.)

I just sewed up Jeremy's Masters regalia about a foot to make Owen's Robe.  He really wanted glasses, so on the day of our Halloween party Jeremy went to the mall and found a set of Harry Potter glasses and wand for like $10.  (I can't argue I guess--he does bring home the bacon around here.)  The sad thing was Owen had a really cool knobbly stick from the backyard for a wand, but when he saw the lumpy plastic one we couldn't convince him that his old one was way better. 

For the party he wore my Griffindor t-shirt from back in the day (when I was a cool nerd) and his wizard cap.  Of course three days later on Halloween night he couldn't find a wizzard hat in our house to wear--even though there are two of them. . . a mother can only do so much.

Come back next time to see what Jeremy and I were wearing (and the detailed description you will need in order to "get" what we are wearing at all!)

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