Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crab Cooker Soup Crackers

We have a family favorite restaurant in Newport beach called The Crab Cooker. We love to stop by for take-out bowls of clam chowder and their homemade soup crackers. Not very much like the typical delicate oyster crackers, the Crab Cooker crackers are more like big shooter-sized crunchy balls. I wondered how difficult it would be to make them.

Last week I made a batch with relative success. I was making a batch of breadsticks and thought I would experiment with the dough. I rolled some of the dough in to marble-sized pieces and let them rise a bit with the breadsticks. I baked them for the same amount of time as the bread, giving the pan a nice shake to roll them around halfway through, and it didn't seem too long.

They were nice and crunchy and a bit hollow in the middle for some give.

We ate them with my mom's homemade clam chowder. (Mom's recipe is a "New England" clam chowder, or a cream-based chowder, though the Crab Cooker serves Manhattan style clam chowder which is tomato-based.)

Have I ever mentioned how much we love food in our house?

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