Friday, December 23, 2011

Geeky Macbook Air Sleeve Tutorial

Jeremy got a Macbook this fall to help facilitate working on his dissertation. I'm a little slow out of the gate so I decided the sleeve I promised to sew Jeremy would become his Christmas present from me.

It's super light and compact so Jeremy just wanted a simple felt sleeve to protect it in his bag. I remembered some sort of reverse applique technique (no idea what it's really called)  for felt that I decided to use to make it a little more fun.  Basically you cut out a design in the top layer of felt and so the inner layer shows through.   

First I found the image I wanted to use--this is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy logo.  For some reason it was the first idea that came to me to use, and it just stuck with me.  So after finding the image I wanted I enlarged it until it was the size I wanted and traced it from the monitor onto trace paper.  (You could actually print it if you're the type that has a printer that hasn't been destroyed by the little sticky fingers that can't leave electronic devices alone--but that's not me, so I traced it old-school style.)

I pinned the trace paper to what would be the top layer of felt and used small sewing scissors and an Exacto to cut out the design. 

All done.  This picture only had two inner "island pieces."  This is a factor to consider when deciding on an image to use.  The island pieces are harder to work with along with any smaller details. 

I sewed about 1/8th of an inch from the edge of the design on all sides to attach it to the inside layer of felt.  (And I sewed one time around the whole lettering section--I can't decide if I like that extra stitching or not. )

Then I just sewed up one side, beveled the corner of the flap, and measured  how wide to make it. 

Then I sewed up the other side, beveled that corner of the flap as well, and slid in the Macbook.  I'm still trying to decide on a closure for it.  Maybe one of those old-fashioned button and string closures?  Anyhow, I'm kind of slow--but I hope that it's coolness will make up for that fact on Christmas morning. 

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