Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Night at the Theater

 Last night was the premier of Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows.  Jeremy and I attended in full steampunk fashion.  To be clear Sherlock Holmes is not a Steampunk genre film; but is a film extremely enjoyable to any steamers.  Holmes and Watson even sport goggles in one scene.  And there's a certain gadget again--definitely steampunk.  And some of the weaponry. . . Like I said not steampunk, but leaning just enough to make it fun. 

 I worked on a new costume for the premier--I wanted a more formal one.  It's the luck of the draw, but I recently found a prom skirt at the thrift store for $6, so I started with that. 

 I gathered the skirt at the back of the knees.  The skirt still wasnt quite as flat-fronted as period whould require, but it was an improvement.  I made a bustle and overskirt combination, just lined with tulle so I could still sit down.

 A chatelaine which deserves it's own post (but thanks for the brooch/pin Anna).

 I finally made a pair of goggles, but all along had wanted something more feminine.  So I painted a pair of Jeremy's old swimming goggles, and clipped my feathery fascinator thing on the side.  I think the combination was awesome (along with the purple streaks in my hair).

Jeremy looked super suave with his empty classic Sherlock Holmes thrift-store pipe, and cane of my grandpa's.

The movie was well-worth it and so was dressing up.  It reminded me of going out for the first Holmes movie--that was our very first time going public with our steampunk cosplaying

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