Friday, January 6, 2012


This year I will become a Maker.

Jeremy got me a gardening apron for Christmas that I have dubbed my "Maker" apron, for all the projects I want to do this year.  Gardening, cooking, soap making, stained glass creating, and a teeny bit of electrical engineering.  I will dream less and do more.

This year I will become more committed to my husband and marriage.

Jeremy made a wise choice and followed the advice I gave him to offer me a year's worth of dates instead of presents for my birthday and Christmas.  I now have a planner with one date designated for each month of the next year.  I figured I could meet his offer and take the opportunity for me to plan one date a month for us as well.  (First one is a $20 roll of quarters and the Dance Dance Revolution machine at the union arcade.)

A third week each month we will entertain guests in our home, which is something we both love doing, and a fourth week out of the month we will be invited to someone else's home for the evening.  It's a genius plan. 

This year I will show my body as much concern and respect as I show my children's bodies, by allowing myself to get as much sleep as I really need. 

I have three children who are sleeping way more at night than they were a year ago, getting up a fraction of the number of times they were, and I just might see an actual full night's sleep without waking up a single time in this year's future.  Then again I might not.  But this year I will present myself with that opportunity instead of sarcastically saying that it won't happen anyways, so why don't I just stay up a little later to finish this show?

2012.  I think this year has potential. 

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