Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today in my Life

Today I chronicled "a day in my life" as a part of a blog hop.  You would think it would be easy to chronicle "a day in the life" but I quickly found the hang up. Though I could have crafted a romantic look into the typical rhythm of a day in my life, I chose instead to simply capture "This Day" in my life.  And truly I think what I have captured has much more personality, shows more about me, and will be more interesting to me far in the future because I chose to do so despite the many "non-typical" things that went on today.

7:30am I woke up to the smell of oatmeal and the sound of a crying baby.  We kept the boys up a little late last night with a sitter because Jeremy and I were out at a class.  SO the baby hadn't really woken up on the right side of the port-o-crib.  Once he was seated at the table with oatmeal of an edible temperature, and a spoon in his fist he was much happier.  I, on the other hand, would rather still have been in bed. 

And yeah, we're eating out of a random selection of tupperware and pyrex bowls, because the dishes didn't get done last night.

8:00am After breakfast Owen read scripture stories to us.  We recently finished Book of Mormon Stories and have now started on Doctrine and Covenants Stories.  Last semester when we were homeschooling we would let them watch the accompanying videos, but today he needed to get dressed for school.

 8:30am Jeremy left to take Owen to school--he's been attending his local elementary school again for the last week and a half.  Jonas went along for the ride.

I sat down to post on my Urban Pioneer Story blog--a great post about our latest homesteading adventure.  And I checked on a few blogs, and Pinterest (love!).

Jeremy got back and got ready and left for campus for the day.  I got dressed and picked up the living room.
10:15am  My visiting teacher came over for a while.  Jonas and her son played trains while the moms enjoyed a nice chat. 

11:30am The boys and I drove down to Owen's school to eat a "special" hot dog families-invited lunch, celebrating "Hot dog!  We're so excited construction is complete on the new school gym." 

Then they played on the playground together until it was time for Owen to go back to class.

12:30pm I put the baby down for a nap.  (He slept for three hours he was so worn out.)

I lay in bed for a while and read a book, and tried unsuccessfully to get Jonas to entertain himself on the computer. Finally I just abandoned the book.

Jonas and I worked on grinding some wheat--I'll make bread tomorrow.   

 And I did a little bit of laundry.

3:55pm With the baby in tow we picked up Owen from school.  When we got home Owen did his chore of feeding the chickens.  Then the boys stayed outside for a half hour to play in the nice weather.

After heading in the boys sat down to watch Danger Mouse on Hulu (Jeremy got them into it) while I made dinner.

 5:30pm We sat down for dinner.  Mushroom and kale polenta--perfect wintery comfort food. 

After dinner I gathered supplies and Jeremy and I practiced some twostep moves.  (One day we'll look like this.)

6:30pm We left the house to go teach the two step at for Mutual (youth program) at church.

8:40pm We arrive home and put the boys to bed (late for the second night in a row--I hate that).

9:00pm I'm in bed.  A hahahaha!  No I'm on the computer, writing on my blog.  Usually I alternate days on the blogs, but today's blog hop is a special occasion.  I'll probably browse Pinterest a bit more.  Read more blog posts in my queue.  After Jeremy finishes doing dishes, we may watch something on Netflix or Hulu.  Jeremy needs to do his physical therapy.  I may take a bath or read more of my book.  Then before bed it is time for scriptures and prayers, and talking way too late into the night.

2:00am  I can probably guarantee to be asleep by then.

Today was definitely not a typical day, but I don't really think typical days happen all that often at all.  Today was a day.  We got most everything done we needed to (We missed family scripture study--we should have done it during dinner since we were going to be out late.)  A "typical" day may have seen Jonas and I at the library for story time this morning--but in the real day we preferred our visitors and our visit to school instead.  Here's to non-typical days--may our life be full of many more enjoyable ones.

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