Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The "Nuddle"

 Jonas was just barely 2 when Wyatt was born.  It was a bit difficult for him.  He was still a baby.

So we had to work together, to compromise when it came to mama's lap.  What we came up with I began to affectionately call the "Nuddle."

 That's "nurse" and "cuddle" in one.  We'd often get set up in our nuddle after coming back from being out running errands or something.  It would be time for the baby to nurse and Jonas would be cranky because it was nap time.

But if we could just get ourselves arranged  in a nuddle then it would be perfect for all involved.  Baby would nurse, Jonas would sleep, and Mom would breathe. 

 Jonas could curl up with the baby on top. . . 

 Or sometimes with the baby on bottom.  Either way the "nurse and cuddle" worked for us. 

Two years later there's not another new baby yet, and that's a good thing, because Wyatt and Jonas are still engaged in a fierce turf war over my lap.  They lean against and elbow each other trying to gain priority seating.  And occasionally Jonas with cry out in frustration, "There's too much boys!"

And silently I wonder if they can remember--it's been this way from the start.

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