Friday, February 3, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I had a friend that rightly observed that there is no point to pinning ideas on Pinterest if you never actually end up doing any of them.  So she posted a few of the projects she's tried from her Pinterest boards.  I thought is was a great idea actually so am following suit here today.

Here are a few projects I have done from my Pinterest boards: The pictures are of my projects--follow the links to the originals. 

Owen needed to take 18 muffins for classroom snack on Thursday.   But I only have a 12 cup muffin pan.  So I used this idea to use canning jar rings to hold muffin cups upright.

It worked great.  Though I will admit I tried it once before but my holiday muffin cups must have been a bit of a non-standard size so they didn't quite fit and ended up a bit wonky.  These muffin cups fit perfectly and the idea worked great.

The second idea I tried was using shower curtain rings on a hanger for a scarf hanger.

 The first apartment we lived in had a shower curtain rod that was screwed into the wall about 6 inches too high.  So we bought three sets of shower curtain rings and linked them together in sets of three to get the curtain to hang low enough to not have to mop our bathroom floor after each shower.  

Point is--I just so happened to have two extra sets of shower curtain rings in my laundry room.  Combined with a heavy duty coat hanger and there it is.  Perfect solution to my scarf issue and I didn't even have to go out any buy any "organizational supplies!"

One more idea I've tried successfully was sewing a modesty slip. 

An extender slip peeks out from underneath dresses to give you just a couple more inches of coverage which is really helpful when you have kids climbing all over your lap at church.  I actually had seen this idea on a blog before, but Pinterest helped jog my memory. 

So what about you?  What are your favorite ideas you've tried from Pinterest?

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