Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Steamy News

We've started decorating for SteamPatrick's Day around here.  We just love the LEGO minifigures (I won't mention how many we already have from series 6) and we particularity like finding ones that are a little bit steamy.  We traded the pith helmet and the hairdo of the scientist and the explorer, and I think it was an improvement for both of them.  

It just so happens that Jeremy and my anniversary of knowing each other, marriage anniversary, and St. Valentine's Day all fall within the same week.  We decided to institute a week-long Festival of Love and call it Lovanzuanukah.

So for my Lovanzuanukah present Jeremy gave me permission to redecorate our bedroom.  Eight years with the same bedspread was long enough, we're ready for something fresh and fun, and a little bit steampunk.       

After a shopping spree I came home with this metal switch plate, and put it up as the first accessory in our soon-to-be steampunk bedroom.  I also painted the switch metallic.  There's more where that came from so stay tuned for the great Steampunk bedroom makeover!  (I'm really excited about it.)

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