Monday, March 5, 2012

Steampunk Bedroom: Bird Clock

My first project for our Steampunk Bedroom Redecorating was a bird clock in a birdcage. Bird cages are just really cool looking, but it felt silly to just hang an empty bird cage in our room. I decided it needed to hold something to give it purpose, and I came up with the idea of a clock on a swing like a bird.

I used Crayola Model Magic to form the bird parts around the shape of the clock. I added the metal feathers into the clay at the edges of the wing and tail, and painted the dry clay brassy. The tassels are something I bought to add to my bustle skirt a long time ago, but didn't, so I added them to the birdcage instead. I made the swing with wood scraps and a wire coat hanger.

At the midpoint of the execution of this project I was about to throw the whole thing out the window as a bad idea manifesting itself as a kindergartner art project. But I stuck with it and am very pleased with it in the end. It turned out like the vision I had in my head, so that's as much as I can ask for any project I embark on.

I like how it is like an automaton bird. The functioning clock gives it a purpose, and almost makes it seem like the bird is really a "live" clockwork animal.

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