Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steampunk Lamp

I got a package--through ebay.  Yippee!

It's a lamp for our steampunk bedroom makeover. (The shade is way bigger than I thought it would be.)



(Actually it can even go longer than this picture, but "Almost Longest" wouldn't make a very good caption.)

Oh, I love it!  But I don't love that it cost twice the price of what I wanted to spend.  And I don't like that there is no contemporary example of one of these scissor arm lamps for under $160.  Umm. . . it's a lamp.  It's doesn't even have a pole--you just screw it into the wall--so what costs $160 about it?  So I'm going vintage and buying used on ebay.  (I still want one more--"his" and "hers".) 

But here's my real question: Should I leave it like it is or rewire it with a different lamp shade on it?  I've collected a few examples on my Steampunk Home Pinterest board. My favorite is the $425 example--but that's totally not happening.  The thing is that if I'm buying the lamps separately then they may not be very matchy--so is that a good thing in a steampunk room, or should I alter the shade so I can do them both the same?

I'd love input. 

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