Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where I'm From

I am from heat, dry and wavy.
From cactus, rocks and transplanted palms.
I am from feet burning hot on the concrete.
I am from gliders on the back porch,
and the call of mourning doves. 

I am from trees with painted white bark,
dangling large yellow globes from their branches.
I am from grapefruit, eaten with serrated spoons
(They aren't even sour if you eat them first thing.)
I am from a tree house surrounded by fruit,
carried home in the trunk in brown paper bags.

I am from wind chimes
and the glug of fresh water delivered by truck.
I'm from a window sunny and large,
watching small birds in the bath,
and humming birds drinking.

I'm from Chester and Virginia
From the sound of fingernails clicking on keys
as the piano is played.
From scriptures read and long evening prayers. 
I'm from "Goodbye until next time--
We'll see you again."

* * *
I took this prompt to write about where I'm from (while not actually writing about "where" I'm from) It's more like what I come from--if you get my semantic difference. I decided to focus on just one part of where I'm from. 
Enjoying citrus season has had me thinking about childhood visits to my grandparent's home in Phoenix a lot recently, so I wrote just about that.  I'd love to use this prompt again to write about when my family lived in Germany, and also for my childhood as a whole.  Exploring "where I'm from" is a fun exercise for someone like me who doesn't have a certain place to call "home". 

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Ashley said...

Loved this! Fabulous job. Sure does bring back lots of memories.

Nonny said...

Jeanette~~ I'm so inspired by your writing! I read it and was thinking how perfectly it fit you, wondering where you found it. When I realized you wrote it, I was awestruck! It's a perfect memory--now I really miss Prittle Prattle--that needs to go in there!

Tiffany said...

Loved this. :) I grew up visiting my grandparents in Phoenix as well (Glendale), and climbing the white-painted grapefruit tree in their front yard for my breakfast is one of my favorite childhood memories. Just lovely. ♥


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