Friday, April 6, 2012

Fast as Cold Molasses

If I didn't actually have anything to do all day, I might progress faster on my projects for our steampunk bedroom makeover. But, in fact, I do have quite a few other responsibilities that take away from my "fun project" time.
I've made progress on my quilt that will lend a bohemian feel to lighten up the steampunk a little bit.  I bought a large flat sheet from the thrift store for my backing fabric.  I fancied it up a bit with some scraps from the quilt top, but I'll show that when the whole quilt is completed.

I quilted it just on my regular sewing machine.  I chalked parallel lines down the back then sewed these wavy overlapping lines down the back.  It works for me.  If the quilt top was a masterpiece then I'd probably want the quilting to be a masterpiece as well, but since the top is a fun, imperfect, made-by-me top then it's fine that that is the level of quilting on it as well.

Next up. . . binding.  I hear binding is everyone's favorite part of quilting.  (Not!)

The second project that is mid-progress is a faux headboard.  We don't have room for a real headboard.  this is a 4 foot by 6 foot piece of foam core poster board.  ($6 with a 40% off coupon.)  We are putting a fun faux finish on it to give it some old character, then we'll just tack it up on the wall.

The last bit of progress on the room is less a project, more "purchase with a vision":
We got the second wall lamp for the bedroom, another vintage scissor arm lamp off of e-bay.  I like it a lot.  (And the size of it is more what I had originally in mind than the other one.)

And of course, we outfitted both lamps with steampunk style Edison bulbs. 

So the progress progresses, though slowly.  My mom is coming to visit in a month.  Maybe I'll set that as my goal for completion.  (If not then maybe I'll complete it by the time she leaves with her help.)

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