Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Boy Bapron

The first time I saw the bapron I knew I had to make one. Very cute Japanese design. A full-coverage bib. Not velcro-attached, because my kids just rip off the velcro. My resolve was ignited again recently when we visited Jeremy's sister and she had a couple really cute ones my mother-in-law had made her.

On the eve of my baby's second birthday I was feeling disheartened that a different (larger) project I had wanted to make for him wasn't happening.  So I pulled up this pattern for a quick and satisfying project for a homemade birthday present. 

 I altered the pattern--making it "the bapron-XL" for my not-so baby-like baby.

And of course I made it fit for a boy, with a cute (Debbie Mumm--I think) barnyard print.  I recycled an old coordinating receiving blanket for the flannel back.  (Let's hope we need pink blankets for the next baby.)  I mostly love how it turned out--my alteration worked out pretty well, though I do have some ideas for altering the design of the pattern a bit more. . . add that to the project list!

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