Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Old and New Steampunk

I finished some projects for Jeremy's dresser. Some things old and some things new.
We decided to refinish my grandmother's telephone. I've always thought we might do this.  We spray painted it with a metallic hammered metallic finish paint.I like the look of it right now, but I don't know if it is "finished" yet.
I wanted to make Jeremy a hat stand of some sort to display his bowler hat.  So I bought this styrofoam head--it's really kind of weird.  I wanted to spray paint it, but aerosol eats styrofoam.  Luckily Jeremy knew a trick that if you coat the whole thing in mod podge it will seal the foam and you can paint it.  I did a good couple of coats, but still had a few areas that melted a bit.

This is the underside that I didn't coat and you can see how the paint that seeped under ate away the foam. 

Then I put it on a decorative board, decked it in some goggles, and perched the bowler on top. 

The hat stand and telephone are sitting on Jeremy's dresser, next to the bird automaton clock

I like that most of these accessories that we are putting in our steampunk bedroom are functional.  It's a bedroom--not a museum.  Yes, we will be hanging art on the walls and there can be some purely decorative elements, but it also needs to be functional and livable, and I think we are finding that balance.

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