Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At Last Complete

 I finished my quilt!  It's finally done.  It's been a long process, but it's not even been a full year since I started--only ten months!  (Can you guess how well other projects of mine get completed around here?)
 I love this "secret" pop of fun on the back.  I'd seen fun backing details like this on other quilts, and knew I would do it on mine.  These two stripes are made up of literally the very last scraps leftover from the quilt.  24 fat quarters and I ended up with a quilt top that perfectly fit a 90x72 batting.

I quilted it with light green thread and love how it stands out from the fabric. 

But I have to admit that the thing I love the most about this project, is that I actually finished it.  Hooray!  Now I'm a "quilter."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful, I love it!!! I would never think to start a project like this because I could never finish it. You did such a great job!



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