Monday, May 28, 2012

Recycled PIllow Stuffing

Back in college my sister tried this crazy idea that she had heard somewhere to stuff a pillow sham with plastic bags instead of buying a pillow for it.  I remember laying on her bed and hearing the crinkly plastic bags shift in the under-stuffed sham.  (Of course it improved with time, or more specifically--additional shopping trips.)

I remembered that idea when I came home from the thrift store with this strange tube/sack thing.  I also remembered the tip I learned watching all those episodes of Trading Spaces (back in the day when I was nursing Owen non-stop) which is to line the pillow case with flat batting before stuffing to make a smoother pillow.  So I used some batting leftover from recovering the baby's carseat, stuffed the pillow very full of plastic shopping sacks, and stitched up the end. 
I like the nice long rectangle shape of it to add to the mix of pillows on the bed.

Stuffed full and with the extra layer of batting it's not too crinkly, and I love the rough, speckled fabric it's made out of--though I'm still banking on a burlap pillow as well.

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Anonymous said...

Have you washed this pillow with the stuffing? How has it worked out for you in the long run?


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