Friday, June 8, 2012

Gypsy Lanterns

 The newest addition to our steampunk bedroom makeover is a number of glass lanterns.  I had seen these lanterns at Pier 1 and thought they looked like like great lanterns that should be hanging from a gypsy wagon. 

We went pack to pick some out when it was Mothers' Day so they were all on sale--so I got them all. . .

They look awesome with the lights out. 

I have a number of more things that we've put up recently.  I think we're winding down on the extent of the steampunking we plan on doing to our room at this point. 

I've got a new camera on the way in the mail.  (Money I was given for Christmas and one of the designated uses for our tax-return this year.)  So some time soon when the last touches are put together, I'll be posting pictures of the room as a whole.   

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