Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Things for Staurday: Brave

This is my assortment of Six Things for Saturday--just random things on my mind--but actually not so random, because this one is themed the Brave edition.

1.  Jeremy took me on a matinee date to see Brave yesterday. 

2.  If you ask me how the most recent Disney Movie was I'll give you a sour lemons look--It's the most recent PIXAR Movie. =ahem=  (And if you look at me quizzically when I mention that my husband took me on a date to see an animated film and the kids didn't go with us--I'll probably just walk away.)

3.  I left the movie feeling real parenting anxiety--don't wait until the teenage years to get resolve feelings between me and my son!

4. I bought a parenting book from the thrift store today (see above) and already read half of it.  I've been "lecturing" way too much lately, and up to that point this book and I agree, so we'll see where it goes from there.

5. On a less-depressing note I need to stop cutting my hair, and it looks like I'll be dying it red again, because we've decided that I am going to be a Steampunk Merida for Halloween this year.  That's right, you heard it.

6.  Jeremy and I spent time time tonight discerning between gaters, gators, and gaiters, and then bought me a pair on Etsy, as the first component of my Steampunk Merida costume--though they won't be worn on my legs.

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