Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Because Everyone Loves A Good Wedding Celebration

We just got back from Jeremy's youngest brother's wedding.  His bride had put together such a cute reception.  A little bit country, a bit vintage, and a bit glamor.  Totally fun.

This picture of the two of them walking on the tracks is adorable, but my boys had words of concern and consternation each time we walked past it.

They had a photo booth set up with chalk boards so the guests could write messages of encouragement and advice and snap a Polaroid of it to go in an album for the new couple.

Jeremy and I snuck an extra pic just for ourselves.  My real piece of advice was "Always keep dreaming" . . . or something like that. 

They were a cute couple, both wearing cowboy boots.

Classy groomsmen in suspenders and boutonnieres.

Baby girls in tutus.

Little boys in bow ties.

Tables decorated in lace and burlap.

A gorgeous cake that my little boys may or may not have gotten to a number of times before the actual cutting. . .  

A candy bar.

With cupcakes too.

Yeah, we see you over there Jeremy.  At least eat dinner first!

My sister in law snapped this pic.  It's funny because we have one almost exactly like it from about 10 years ago.

Then the party moved outside.

Sparklers for everyone.

And a classy sendoff for the happy couple. 

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