Saturday, December 15, 2012

Steampunk Merida

I've never gotten to talking about my steampunk Merida plans.  

The first thing I bought was a pair of army gaiters off etsy. They're like spats-kind of, they cover the top of the shoe and protect the ankle. 

Jeremy has a steampunk book that shows a pair of gatiers turned into a corset.  We liked that idea, and in theory it works--for a certain (non-existent) body-type--but I would need to alter them a bit.  But at the same time--I kind of like the idea of wearing them just straight up as gaiters under the dress as well. 

Yes, the dress.

It's amazing how when you know exactly what you're looking for you can't find it.  In the end I purchased Butterick B4827.

It's a beautiful dress.  I will need to work with the sleeves a bit.  Merida's dress is split under the armpits and at the elbows to expose her under-tunic/chemise/whatever.  Also, there is a teensy "v" cut into the front as well, and her underdress thing shows a small bit of ruffle all around the neckline and wrists as well. I could pin the front of the dress up like in the example, but without an underskirt my boots and gaiters would show well--I kind of like that idea. 

I really love the green fabric in this example dress--it's like a dream dress of my childhood or something.  I love wearing green because my eyes are green, and of course green looks great with red hair.  But Steampunk Merida needs to be a little less refined--a little more "earthy."

So I went shopping.  I found a fabric I really liked at Joanns.  It was an olive green "linen look" fabric.  Since it wasn't actual linen It wouldn't look all wrinkly but still had that really textured natural look to it.  

Here comes the first of my hurdles to actually making the costume this year.  They didn't have enough.  There was two pieces of fabric on the bolt, neither one had enough, and they were different colors, so I couldn't combine the two.  I asked the girl for some help in finding something similar to what I was looking for.  She showed me a number of options, and literally, the other two that I was most interested in--there wasn't enough fabric.  I really wanted to ask, "I'm sorry but is this a fabric store? Are you actually trying to sell fabric to people that want to use it for sewing projects?" 

The other major thing holding me back from making the dress is my expanding waist-line.  We are expecting again:-)  And really I wasn't sure how much different my waistline would be at Halloween, and if I could make the dress work or not, and the point is--I really want it to be cool.  I am so excited to make this dress, and so I want it to all work out, and didn't want messing around with the waist of the pattern make it not turn out well.  

So the project was postponed--'till next year Merida.

 Don't worry, we'll mod you a totally rockin' steampunk compound bow. 

And Jeremy has been in on the fun as well.  We did a bunch of research on sewing authentic kilts, and the WWI uniforms of the Black Watch--whom the German soldiers called "the ladies from hell"! 

Hahahahahahahahaha! Ahahaha. . .

Jeremy really likes these aprons they wear, and they fit well with his ideas for a steampunk wartime mechanic he's been working on. 

So although they will be from totally different time-periods our costumes will at least be from a similar region of the world, and the time-barrier will be crossed by the steampunk built into the two costumes.  I totally don't have too high of expectations for myself on this project. . . Good thing Halloween is still 10 months away.   

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