Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sewing Pit Stop

In the "bleak midwinter" I get a little SAD and find that the only thing that really gets me feeling good again is a nice project to work on.  This year I decided that now was as good a time as any to work on the quilts I started two years ago! (Not the pinwheel quilt--I finished that one last year.)

A bonus of this idea is that I have most of the supplies already lined up to go--so I didn't have to spend any  money to get started working on a big fun project right away--hooray for procrastination.  However, it wasn't too long after I started sewing circles on squares that I realized that what I needed first was the genius sewing machine pincushion idea I saw a long time ago. 

So I momentarily set aside the quilt fabric, and pulled these cute owls from my stash of leftovers

This pincushion is awesome.  It is in exactly the place you need it when you are pulling pins out of fabric as you sew along.  And since it is attached to the machine, you can pull pins out if it one-handed, and the pincushion stays in place. 

(Also, I'll admit here the awesomeness of having a designer for a husband--he lets me buy the more-expensive colored pearl pins because "if they improve the aesthetic experience then they're worth the added value".  And yes, they do improve my sewing experience--every time I use them I smile!)

I love projects like this that take 10 minutes and are infinitely satisfying because of their cuteness and utility.

Now, back to that stack of circles and squares. . .  

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