Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Camping-the Good

 So we went camping last weekend.  It's been 3 1/2 years and we've added two kids since the last time we went! We'd gone once before with Owen, and once before as a married couple, and I guess once before that as a non-married couple.  Regardless, it was time to do it again. 

I had predetermined that this trip would be my first toe-dip into glamping.

You know, glamping: glamorous camping.  Camping in style and comfort.  The whole idea is just so ridiculous and pointless that it totally cracks me up which means I want to do it.  It's actually perfect for someone like me--the mother of four boys.  The lone female.

The boys will only care that we're going out and that they get to go fishing or whatever, so I'm just going to add the glamorous touches, do it my way, and enjoy my own indulgent touches all myself.  

This trip I simply pulled out a vintage sheet for a tablecloth, and my "cute" gingham melamine plates to eat off of, and I made a bunting to put the finishing touch on our campsite.

The bunting really cracks me up.  Like I said--pointless-- but I have a strong desire to have long lengths of it draped around my entire campsite! 

I only made one 8-foot length for this trip, though I have the supplies to make another one as well.    
After we set up camp, Jeremy worked on cooking our dinner over the campfire. 

Like a man, he had to figure out a complex system of roasting sticks propped up and weighted down by rocks to complete the cooking. 

 Wyatt and Jonas are typical little boys and enjoy hot dogs.  Owen, on the other hand, has decided he doesn't like hot dogs.  Really that's fine with us.  So we get to enjoy more "grown up" bratwurst by satisfying both Owen that they are "not hot dogs," and the little boys that they are "just like hot dogs" (only they taste better). 

We had some friends in the campground and they had kayaks and let us take a few turns out on the lake. That was a lot of fun--I love being on the water.  There were only minor issues with the fact that there were two parents but three little boys that wanted rides! (Rory stayed firmly planted on land.)

When it got dark we headed back to our campsite.

 What do you mean I'm too young for marshmallows!

We roasted some marshmallows and had Owen read us a "scary story" from one of his camping books from the library before we all went in to sleep.

Bright and early the next morning we got up and made breakfast.  My sister was incredulous that we even bothered to stay for breakfast, but that was one of the things I was most excited about our camping trip for! 

See, I bought Jeremy a cast iron griddle for  his other Fathers' Day gift.  Sure, we've tried it out on the gas burners at home, but we needed to try it over an open fire--that's what makes it so cool!  Camping pancakes! 

I also experimented with making a portable mix aka:"shake and pour" version of our pancake recipe.  That's my kind of weird hobby, and I thoroughly enjoyed that part of the campout.  I even brought blueberries along to "glamp up" our camping pancakes.  (That actually worked out for the best, giving the pancakes a nice pop of flavor since we decided to forgo the plates, and therefore syrup, and simply eat the pancakes out of hand--to avoid previously mentioned problems!)

On the drive home we all shared our favorite things from the camping trip.  In truth my favorite things were the silly glamping things and the experimenting with camping food.  So that's what camping is going to be for me and how I'm going to enjoy it.  Other than that I just like to let the boys do their own thing and watch on self-satisfactorily as they go commune with nature in the way little boys should.

Hopefully we'll get out camping again sooner than 3 1/2 years this time. 

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