Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dirigible Baby Mobile

So yeah. We have a sixth person living at our house these days.

My parents visited us after Rory was born and after spending two weeks here with us they decided, it's official--we need a bigger house. Actually their visit here was very pleasant. They managed the tight space here extraordinarily well, I think it probably helped that they were coming from spending the last nine months in a small apartment in China! But still, with four little boys, we're pushed to the seams of this little house.

Luckily thus far, the baby doesn't take up too much room. We've got his little cradle in the master bedroom with us. Of course that meant we had to deck it out (baby style) to go in the steampunk bedroom.

So I made him a little airship and hot air balloon baby mobile! 
We first saw this idea on Epbot and actually bought ornaments way back on clearance two Christmastime's ago.  At that point we thought we might put them in the attic toy loft, but that never happened, and then we had a baby and he needed a dirigible baby mobile.   

Jeremy had the idea to make little stuff n' fluff clouds.  I think they make it that much better.  It's so adorable it makes be smile every time I see it. 

My mother is horrified that I have Christmas ornaments hanging over the baby's head, but really--where's her sense of adventure?!

I hope Rory likes steampunk too, because Daddy's got some Halloween costume ideas that involve carrying a baby.  Yes I'm serious--you'll just have to wait and see:-)

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