Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pinterest Fail: Baby Photo Edition

Have you ever seen Pinterest Fail? "Where good intentions Come to Die"?

It's a website featuring the best crafts, recipes, and home projects that everyone adores on Pinterest, but specifically the lousy attempts of the common man (or woman) to recreate them. 

Some of the attempts are just pathetic.  People with no cooking experience whatsoever attempting to "interpret" a recipe in their own way, or adjusting ingredients based on something they ran out of. 

(Pshaw, Seriously?)

True, some most of the creations we love to pin on Pinterest are professionally done, and fall way outside a normal persons abilities.


But then there's some things that you seriously think: Hey--I have a reasonable level of proficiency in that talent area--I could recreate that!

I guess that's where the "good intentions" line comes in.

Well, regardless, I have my own Pinterest Fail to submit:

Pinterest Fail: Baby Photo Edition

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