Monday, October 7, 2013

Pretty Pyrex

I added more to my budding vintage Pyrex collection this summer.  Two mixing bowls from the early Spring Blossom Green collection from the 70's.

Pyrex in action: pasta salad version

I love the vintage Pyrex.  All the mixing bowls I got for my wedding were either white stoneware or clear new Pyrex.  My vintage decorated Pyrex dishes make me smile when I pull them out of the cupboard.  They add something to the ambiance of the meal when they are on the table.  Happiness!

There's tons of vintage Pyrex for sale on Ebay, but I love finding it on my own thrift store adventures.  Finding matching pieces is especially fun. 

This is the smaller bowl of the matching set.  It's 1 1/2 quarts and I find it's a super-useful size.

They've been lovingly added to my "collection" including my two 1950's Amish Butterprint refrigerator dishes from my Grandma's kitchen.

And my two 1980's Shenandoah pattern "Cinderella Bowls" (with a pour spout and handle) that I also found at a thrift store.

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1stPosty said...

I have those exact green bowls and have used them every day for 37 years! Love them as well. Jeanne


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