Saturday, November 9, 2013


We love dress-up time in this household, and take it very seriously. Alas, Jeremy and I weren't able to swing real costumes this year. It's like there's more important things going on in our life right now. Like . . . finding a job, or something.

But with a little bit of luck we did get the kids all costumed for parties and festivities in October. Everything was super low-key, using mostly things we already had.

Baby Rory got to wear the little "Sweet Pea" costume I made for Owen when he was a baby 8 years ago.  I went along with the theme as his "gardener" and tied tools to my belt. 

Wyatt dressed up as Super Why!  I photoshopped the book symbol and printed a t-shirt transfer to iron on his green shirt.  I cut out a quick cape and just pinned it on his shirt collar. 

I actually really love him in this costume though, because when I was pregnant with him we were considering the name Wyatt, but I couldn't decide if it was a good "little boy" name or if it was too old-sounding.  One of the older brothers was on PBS Kids and started watching this show--I'd forgotten about it.  I heard the mom talking to Wyatt and decided it was super-cute for a little boy!

Wyatt loved the costume and has now taken to calling his regular hand-me-down blue shoes his "Super Why shoes!"

Jonas is our little Doctor Who.  He's wearing his own clothes, and Jeremy's suspenders that I pinned up in back. 
 Jonas' costume had the most disasters tied to the making of.  The first involved an add-on to his sonic screwdriver that I made out of FIMO and tried to bake.  (I should learn my lesson from my grandma baking the Thanksgiving rolls--just stay there and watch them--but I don't, so they burn. . .)

Then we tried to dye a yellow bow tie he already had red. . . I won't go into the details of that disaster, I'll just say that my soup pot is once again the color of stainless steel, and thank goodness Dillard's sells little boy bow ties. 

We made his light-up sonic screwdriver from a light-up pen Jeremy got from a presentation recently--it was perfect!  Though it ended up looking more like the tenth Doctor's screwdriver than the Eleventh's.

What you don't have a frame of reference for Jonas' awesome costume? 

You're welcome.  And yeah, we tried to find him a jacket, but apparently brown jackets are not in style this year.  We could only find black and grey. 

Owen happened to be telling my mom that he wanted to be Link (from the Legend of Zelda) for Halloween, and she said--"Hey, I have a Link costume!" 

Yeah, throwback to the year 2000, my 12-year-old Brother was Link.  Sweet!  Less sewing that I needed to do.  Then we just used a tutorial for making a shield for Owen. 

The night before the party, we found out Owen's friend was dressing up like Zelda!

It couldn't have been better if we had planned it!

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