Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Recently our family was invited to dinner in someone's home.

While our hostess was finishing her preparations for the dinner, she said something about the cookies her daughter helped frost for dessert--She hoped that they wouldn't "ruin" my children because she'd heard that we are really into healthy eating.


Our healthy eating isn't really what most people would consider healthy eating.  It includes dessert, and frankly doesn't follow many of the "rules" in the popular conception of healthy eating.

The other day I was clearing out Owen's backpack of the day's barrage of paper waste. I came across this small scrap:

With no context I had to ask Owen what the writing prompt was.

"We were supposed to say a healthy eating choice," he said. 

His answer:  Ice cream! Becus its mad frum cow's milk.

=sniff= I couldn't be any more proud of him. 

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