Saturday, March 8, 2014

Woodland Birthday

I love party-planning.  

My boys have birthdays and I think, "Oh we won't do anything big this year, we had a nice party last year."  

But then I get one more idea, and then another, and then we're doing the big birthday deal again.  It started about a month ago, when I decided I was going to finish Jonas' quilt I started three years ago in time for his birthday.  I knew that if I worked consistently on it I could actually get it done for his birthday.  (I did, post to follow!)

Then Jonas was thinking about "what kind of birthday" he wanted.  He threw around a lot of ideas, but then at one point said he wanted an owl cake like Wyatt had last year.  (See a picture in this post.) He had actually said immediately after Wyatt's birthday that he wanted the same cake for his next birthday, so when he said it again I went with it.  

Jonas' quilt has fabric with a few different woodland motifs including critters, and acorns and mushrooms.  I decided the whole birthday could be based off the quilt, after all--it was an amazing feat on my part, and I want him to really feel how special his quilt is!

The quilt colors are so great, for fun I wrapped his other presents up in corresponding packaging.

 We had a few friends over for dinner: pasta salad, Bierrocks, and veggies.

But of course the funnest part was the desserts!

"Mushroom Cap" French Macarons.

And little chocolate acorns.

And of course the owl cake.

Happy Birthday Jonas!

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