Thursday, April 3, 2014

And Now For Something Different

Today (actually month ago, but this is how long it took me to get through the technical difficulties of getting it online) I recorded my very first video blog, vlog, video podcast, or variation thereof.

It was a lot of fun.

It's an interesting sort of challenge to try and get through a certain amount of information while not taking too long, and while not completely screwing up the straight take.  Sure, there are great resources for home editing these days, but there's a certain challenge to completing it in a single take, especially if I don't want video blogging to take even more time than my typical intensely-edited written blog post.  Plus there's something fun about a non-edited view of "reality."

So, may I present my video.  And as a teaser, I will note the highlights of the video to watch out for:

  • find out why Jeremy wrapped my anniversary present in aluminum foil.  (Hint: It's both strong yet flexible.)
  • my general feelings on technology
  • two moments where my mind goes to complete outer space
  • and an awesome story about my family's love for BACON

Was that fun?  I thought it was.  (I crack myself up with my blog writing as well--this is no exception.)

I will not be switching to video blogging exclusively, but will definitely be adding videos to the mix of my contributions to the world wide web.

(Oh, and here's my Instagram account as mentioned if you want to follow my photos-- fun all around.)


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