Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Bunny Bags

Sometimes while I'm perusing Pinterest I see a project idea, that's totally adorable (like little felt Spring rabbit treat bags for Easter) and I know I want to do it.  And often one criteria for projects I choose is: It looks like a really quick project.

Because we recently discussed how my big projects --like a quilt-- can take me three years!

So quick is good.

And I think, "I will make that quick project,  it will be fabulous and wonderful!

Except I forget that I now have four children, and no matter how quick a project is supposed to be, when you're making four--it is still a substantial undertaking.

 But it's all right, because I started early enough, and hadn't given Emily back her sewing machine yet.  So we made it in time.

Four little bunny treat sacks.  

 And filled with candy. . . Sooo Cuuute!

The little part between the ears is not sewn together, so you just fill with treats and tie a bow around the ears and they stick out all cute.

(And they actually hold more than I expected.)

I liked doing different colors, and I used different fabrics for the ears and different embroidery thread for their faces.  And even tried pinking shears for cutting out the charcoal one.

They weren't tricky, except for trying to transfer where the eyes were supposed to go onto my fabric.  Maybe she had a good suggestion for how to do it in the tutorial, but I couldn't tell you, I'm not really the instruction-reading type.

So go ahead, try it!  There's plenty of time before Easter.  It's a totally cute, really quick project.

(As long as you're just making one!)

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